Collection: Máté

Máté is a new addition to the Kingsway family and the Los Angeles based producer has crafted a collection of samples that show off a real consciousness for music and sounds from a higher plain. Using strings, pianos, guitars, a mixture of analog and soft synths, along with experimental effects and techniques, each piece transports the listener to a different pocket of time with each track - sometimes reminiscent of gritty, buried music from the 20s and 30s, sometimes foretelling of futuristic sounds and tones.

While relatively new to the music scene, Máté’s approach is mature and thoughtful and his execution is impeccable. His first volume will serve as a strong entry into the library, and an exciting preview of what’s to come from him.
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  • Kingsway Music Library - Máté Vol. 1
    Kingsway Music Library - Máté Vol. 1