About The Kingsway Music Library

The Kingsway Music Library is a boutique sample library created and curated by Grammy-Award winning producer Frank Dukes (now known as Ging). Initially a place for Dukes to release volumes of his own compositions, Kingsway quickly caught the attention of some of the biggest music producers and artists and has been sampled on some of the most pinnacle songs of the last decade. Kingsway has since grown to include compositions and releases from many upcoming and accomplished producers and composers such as CVRE, FORTHENIGHT, Mino, Louis Bell, Wallis Lane, Allen Ritter and others.

Now with over 100 volumes of music available and hundreds of sample placements, the Kingsway Music Library has grown into a one-stop shop for high quality, immaculately recorded compositions and musical pieces to be used in sample-based productions or on their own for sync with film and television.

Through its producer roster and also its “Parkscapes” initiative with the Regent Park School of Music, Kingsway Music Library is devoted to not only providing the best source material possible to its client and customer base, but also the support and resources needed to usher in a more fair and collaborative musical ecosystem.


Songs sampling the Kingsway Music Library have amassed over 10 billion streams worldwide and continue to have huge listenership across the globe.

Songs using the Kingsway Music Library include...

  • Drake - 0-100 (Samples "Vibez" from Kingsway Vol. 3)
  • Drake - Pop Style (Samples "Dark Massage" from Colors)
  • Drake - No Tellin' (Samples "Tony" from Colors)
  • Justin Bieber ft. Kehlani - Get Me (Samples "voice rnb" from CVRE Vol. 1
  • Taylor Swift - It's Nice to Have a Friend (Samples "Summer in the South" from Parkscapes Vol. 1)
  • Kanye West - Real Friends (Samples "Couches" from Kingsway Vol. 5)
  • J Cole - 1985 (Samples Couches from Kingsway Vol. 5)
  • Kendrick Lamar - levitate (Samples "Studio B 121" from Kingsway Vol. 7)
  • Eminem - Discombobulated (Samples “Outlinefaces” from Frano Vol. 1)
  • Travis Scott - WHO? WHAT! (Samples "Autumn Flip 121" from Kingsway Vol. 8)
  • Lil Durk - Did For The Streets (Samples “Ten” from CVRE Vol. 1)
  • Logic - Midnight (Samples "Knots 85" from Kingsway Vol. 8)
  • Logic - GP4 (Samples “Mood” from Young Buddha Vol. 1)
  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Half Manne Half Cocaine (Samples "Gregorian" from Kingsway Vol. 3)
  • Lil Mosey - Rockstar (Samples “W1 Q” from Waves Vol. 1)