Why aren’t your samples royalty-free like company X?

Many companies choose to offer their samples royalty-free and produce a high volume of material for producers and creators to use however they would like. Kingsway’s approach is different - our composers take great care and time to provide the highest quality recordings possible, many of which are much longer and much more layered than the average royalty-free sample.

I have a song that’s being released where I used a Kingsway sample, what do I do to get it cleared?

The first step in clearing a sample is to fill out the Sample Request Form that was included in your download of the Kingsway sample pack and send it over to kingswaymusiclibrary@gmail.com. Once we have the basic information regarding the usage we can advise on clearance terms and issue an agreement to you for signature.

Are clearances free of charge?

This depends on the status of the artist releasing the track - for independent or unsigned artists we waive the clearance fee in lieu of a share in royalties. For artists signed to labels (major or indie) there are clearance fees required, to be negotiated in good faith between our respective teams prior to release.

I used a Kingsway sample on a beat I made and then sold the beat to an artist or producer, do I need to let them know?

Absolutely - any usage of the library should be disclosed and clearance should be obtained before any music is released that contains Kingsway samples.

I have some compositions I think would be really great for Kingsway, do you accept submissions?

Yes you can send along any music over to kingswaymusiclibrary@gmail.com, but please note that we receive a high amount of submissions and suggestions from both fans of the library and our current community of producers. So it may take a while before we get a chance to listen, and we will only be in contact if we want to potentially work together. We ask that you keep submissions to 3-5 pieces maximum.

I want to connect/work/write with a producer who made a Kingsway sample pack, can you give me their contact information?

Unfortunately we do not give out the information of our roster or clients, but if you have a specific request or question for someone you can send it to kingswaymusiclibrary@gmail.com and we will surely pass it on if it is of interest.