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Brandon Leger’s musical influences are eclectic to say the least - Raised on a healthy portion of dancehall, hip hop and classic rock and then going headfirst into louder and heavier bands like Underoath and Protest The Hero, this might sound like an unlikely origin story for someone who would become a cutting edge sound designer and producer. His open mind and broad palette allows Brandon to pull influences from all of these musical ecosystems, in the pursuit of creating something new and unique.

A multi-instrumentalist, Brandon incorporates pianos, guitars, bass, synths, voices and any other toys or tools into his pieces. Texture and movement are weapons he wields subtlety, with tasteful melodies and implied rhythms weaving in and out. An enigmatic collaborator, Brandon’s upcoming volumes will feature some of Toronto’s best and brightest of his peers.
  • Kingsway Music Library - Brandon Leger VOL. 1
    Kingsway Music Library - Brandon Leger VOL. 1